Cosmetic treatments


The beauty begins where the personal care of the hygiene goes and is always a commitment to any ideal of beauty, and thus also a partner of the fashion; the so together occur in the various cultural stories. The ideal of beauty changes both between the respective peoples, as well as in all cultures with the particular sense of style, but also by gender, religion, climate, etc. The term "cosmetics" comes from the Greek of "Kosmeo" and means "decorate". The term "hygiene" can be traced back to the Greek goddess of health "Hygeia"; the term "perfume" comes from the Latin "per fumum", "through the smoke". Until the 20th century, it remains a privilege of the wealthy to be able to maintain with cosmetics and decorate. The cosmetics has a long history, perhaps as long as there are people at all. The Egyptians (4000 - 300 BC) maintained their body very exemplary. Baths, massages, perfumed oils, anointing, make-up etc. were among their daily personal care. Today, the trend towards natural beauty prevails. Woman and man attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance and a sporty, lean body. The methods and rates in the cosmetic treatment of the world are almost unlimited and hardly manageable for consumers. A good, insightful advice from experienced professionals is therefore very important. In a personal meeting your wishes and ideas are clarified and you pointed out possible treatments. Then select the most suitable for you program - just as we come together to the desired destination.